Types of Network – Computer Network Basics

Types of Network:-

Types of the network are categorized on the basis of there area and distance the covered. They are basically formed into three types. These types are:

LAN (Local Area Network)

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

WAN (Wide/ World Area Network)


Classifications by Scale:-



  • A local space network (LAN) could be a network that connects computers and devices in an exceedingly restricted geographic area like a home, school, building or closely positioned cluster of buildings.
  • Each pc or device on the network could be a node.
  • Wired LANs are presumably supported local area network technology
  • Topologies utilized by LAN are:- Bus and Ring
  • Advantages:- Low Delay, High reliableness


  • It is comparatively larger than LAN and extends across a town or a metropolitan.
  • It is created by connecting 2 or a lot of LANs situated at totally different locations in an exceeding town


  • A wide space network (WAN) could be a network that covers an oversized geographical area like a town, country, or spans even worldwide distances.
  • A WAN uses a communications channel that mixes many sorts of media like phone lines, cables, and airwaves.
  • A WAN usually makes use of transmission facilities provided by common carriers, like phone corporations.
  • One of the foremost distinguished samples of the present WANs is the web.

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