Structured Data – Digital Data (WIth Examples) and its Characteristics

Structured Data:-

Structure Data is in a well-organized form(eg. In rows and columns) and can be easily used by a computer program.

It is organized in entities, with similar entities grouped together to form relations or classes. Entities in the same group have the same descriptions. i.e. attributes. Structure data resides in RDBMS and Data Warehouse. Represented in a strict format.



  • Phone numbers
  • Credit card numbers

Sources of structured data:-


  • Spreadsheets
  • SQL
  • Indexes
  • Reports
  • Records

Characteristics of Structure data:-

  • It has pre-defined models.
  • This are clearly defined categories and subcategories.
  • It usually contains the text.
  • Structure data can be easily mined and knowledge is extracted from it.
  • Easy to search.
  • It can be indexed easily by DBMS itself or manually.
  • All entities in a group have the same defined format, a predefined length, follow the same order.

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