Digital Data and Types of digital data

Digital Data:-

The term Digital Data is most commonly used in computing especially where real-world information is converted to binary numeric form as in digital audio and digital photography.

Types of Digital data:-


  • More options and flexibility in terms of recording and reviewing media.
  • Options in terms of being able to manipulate what is recorded.
  • More options being able to share media both socially and for business.
  • Much less bulky than analog equivalent.
  • Recorded media is more durable.


  • It’s more complex so there’s more to go wrong.
  • It’s unforgiving if the data is damaged, tends to spoil the whole media packet. E.g. TV if too much data is lost the whole image freezes and scrambled.
  • Harder to fix when it does go wrong.
  • More expensive to fix when it goes wrong.
  • Your privacy is more open to monitoring and easier to be recorded without your knowledge or consent (for both criminals and government).
  • Less support for this technology in developing countries.

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