How to Backup Android mobile data – 1 solution for all

Backup Android Mobile data

Today in the fast and technological world people have costly mobile phones. In Android mobile phones, people run lots of applications. Some of the applications are too heavy and they take too much mobile storage space but some applications are not heavy.  

Sometimes we need to reset our mobile phone because of some reasons, these reasons may be…

  1. Cleaning of mobile phone
  2. Phone get hangs
  3. Applications problem to run
  4. Others

Resetting your mobile phone may have lost important data. This Data include…

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images
  • Documents (Text, Excel, Word .etc)
  • Others

But people forget about one thing that is ” APPS “.

Taking App Backup

While we are taking the backup of Audio, Video, Images, and other data we need to take the backup of apps also. This backup becomes a reason for many advantages. These advantages are

  • No need to download applications again and again.
  • Save our time and reduce wastage of time
  • Save our data and reduce our cost to download applications


To take backup in android mobile we need an application named as “APK EXPORT”

Step 1: Open the Play store and download the application. (To download click here)  

Step 2: Install and Run Application.  

Step 3: You will see the list of pre-installed and after installed apps List.

Step 4: choose an Important application and tap on it.

Step 5: You will see and share button and a save button, click on save the application.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the important applications.

Where to find the app backup file?

To find apps backup file follow these steps

Step 1: Go to the file manager.

Step 2: In Internal storage, Find the folder named as “APK”.

Step 3: Now open the folder and you will see all the applications you have backed up.

Important:- Move backed up an application into the SD card before resetting your mobile phone.

Features of the application

  • – Make backups of your apps extracting them easily.
  • – Share them with one click.
  • – Fast search.
  • – No Ads.
  • – No unnecessary permissions.
  • – Fast and small

Video Tutorial (In Hindi)

How to download youtube video – Click here

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